Toe Fungus in Evansville, IN

Nail fungi and other infections to the nail are often rooted in the skin beneath the surface of the nail. There are a number of reasons for these conditions, but typical symptoms include spots under the nail, discoloration, jagged and unshapely nails, as well as thickening and hardening of the nail. These fungi are often found under the nails of the toe because bacteria grow more in dark, moist areas, like socks and shoes. If you're suffering from a toenail condition, a variety of treatment options are available at Allure Medspa. Dr. Malek can help you get rid of the toenail fungus with a variety of treatment methods. Oral medications, topical creams, and in some extreme cases, laser treatment, are all options we offer at our Evansville, IN offices. Call today for more information!

CAN I HAVE MY TOENAIL FUNGUS REMOVED? Anyone suffering from a fungus under their toenail can contact Allure Medspa for more information on treatment methods. Below are typical signs and symptoms of various toenail fungi that we may be able to help clear up:
  • Solid, clear lumps that appear right above the fold of your nail, or in some cases, cause pain or discomfort
  • Small, red spots or lines under your nail bed
  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort from the toenail growing into the surrounding skin (known as an ingrown toenail)
  • Dermatophytes or mold, which is bred in darker, moist or damp areas, such as socks, gloves, or shoes
  • Painful lesions, redness, or swelling caused by bacteria or yeast that invaded the skin under the nail
  • Tumors or warts around the nails causing pain or discomfort
  • Spots and abnormalities on and around the nail caused by nail psoriasis
  • White spots on your nails caused by infections, bacteria, previous injuries, or certain vitamin deficiencies
If you have any of the above symptoms, Dr. Malek and our team may be able to provide you with relief.

Treatments for your nail fungus will depend on the severity and type of your condition. Your procedure will take place in one of our Indiana offices in one of our comfortable and private treatment areas. Whether we're draining a lesion, applying a topical cream, or performing a laser therapy in an extreme case, treatments are relatively quick and shouldn't cause much discomfort. There shouldn't be any recovery period, although those who receive laser therapy may experience a slight sunburn sensation. You should be able to return to your normal everyday activities directly following treatment. Dr. Malek will work with you to schedule any further treatments and will send you home with further instructions on how to treat your nail fungi.

It's important to follow Dr. Malek's post-treatment instructions in order to prevent further growth of fungi underneath your toenails, as well as maintain proper nail health. Trimming, filing, and cleaning your nails are all steps you will want to take regularly to maintain proper nail hygiene. A balanced diet and good hydration can also help increase your nail health as some fungi are related to vitamin deficiencies. Also note, clean, breathable, and fresh socks and shoes can help you prevent further toenail fungi from developing. We want to help you live your life comfortably so we will help you decide if and when further treatments are needed for your toenail fungus.

If you want to be able to dig your toes in the sand, sport those cute sandals, or flaunt your feet, but a toenail fungus is causing you discomfort and holding you back from living peacefully, Allure Medspa can help. At our Evansville, IN office, Dr. Malek can help you define and treat your nail fungus. Call today for more information on how we can get you back to living your best life, fungus-free.