IPL (Alma™ Harmony XL Pro) in Evansville, IN

If sun damage or dark spots have begun to make you lose your confidence, Allure Medspa can offer you a skin consultation at Evansville, IN office. You might make a great candidate for IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy because it is a rejuvenating skin treatment for men and women with hyperpigmentation problems on the neck and face. Using state-of-the-art technology, Alma Harmony XL Pro, Dr. Malek sends intense pulses of light that heat skin cells, igniting the natural healing process and boosting collagen production. Over time, you should begin to see a healthier and consistent complexion.

Our IPL treatments reach the deep layers of your skin to improve blemishes, like brown lesions and sun spots, with minimal or no recovery time. If you have sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), rough texture, large pores, a flush face, freckles, age spots, or broken capillaries, you may be a good candidate for IPL at Allure Medspa. Dr. Malek looks forward to assessing your skin and discussing treatment goals and options with you at office.

IPL is done our office in Evansville, IN in around 20 – 30 minutes. To prep you for your procedure, someone from our friendly team will wash and dry the skin to be treated, then protect your eyes with goggles. Then will administer the IPL treatment using Alma Harmony XL Pro, a handheld wand that emits pulses of light energy as she passes it over the skin. While many patients will feel mild discomfort during the IPL photo facial, it is generally bearable given the short treatment time. Once your procedure is complete, we will get you out the door and back to your normal, everyday activities.

One of the benefits of IPL treatments is that there is no downtime. You can leave our office and get back to your everyday activities. Your complexion will be a little red and swollen, but this is natural and will go away in several hours. If necessary, it may be hidden with cosmetics. Dr Malek recommends you use an ointment on the treated skin to speed up your healing process. Anti-inflammatory medicine can also help ease swelling if you wish. After 2 – 5 days, the irregularities that we treated under the skin will rise to the surface and start flaking away. It's very important that you do not pick at your skin during the healing process and that you take extra measures to protect it from the sun. While you will have noticeable results after your first treatment, you will see the best outcome with several IPL treatments. Dr. Malek recommends most patients get 3 – 6 sessions done every four weeks at Allure Medspa.

How much does an IPL photo facial cost?
Every patient case is unique, which means your cost for IPL treatments will vary based on your unique condition. Allure Med Spa offers special deals sometimes, and we take many forms of payment. In your initial consultation, we can estimate costs and recommend how many sessions are needed to fit your needs and goals.

How quick are the results from IPL?
Visible improvements can usually be seen following each session, but final results are visible a month after a full series of treatments is completed. It is normal for patients to see different responses following each session. You should see fading of blotchiness, redness, and spots (age, brown, and sun) over time.

What are the possible side effects of an IPL photo facial?

Most patients experience mild side effects like temporary redness, swelling, crusting, blisters, or bruising. These go away on their own in a few days. Your skin will be sun sensitive, and sun exposure will affect your results. Whenever you go outside, you should always wear sunscreen to prevent issues like spots and redness.

Do I need to prep for IPL therapy?
Before getting IPL treatments, patients are asked to skip sun exposure and self-tanners for at least 2 – 4 weeks before their appointment. You should discontinue the use of minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline, or Retin-A/Renova a few days before your procedure, and you may want to start taking pain relievers for one week before your treatment to help prevent bruising. You also need to use sun protection (like a hat and sunscreen) between sessions.

Why should I get multiple IPL photo facial sessions?
We recommend getting a series of IPL treatments to deliver gradual improvements to the appearance of your complexion. Every treatment helps to fade surface irregularities and spots. A series of sessions also allow for longer-lasting results.